Goodbye November! CW: 210.2 Down 20lbs since Oct 11th!


It feels awesome to hit 20lbs down!! I’m 1/5th of my way to my goal of losing 100lbs. Though there is a new sticky widget in there.. we are considering trying for a baby in March. I’ll be 38 so age is a factor and I don’t want to lose my chance to have a child with my (soon to be) husband. So I’ve got my eye on the prize of staying on plan and see how much progress  I can make by March. I will be following a GD (gestational diabetes) diet throughout pregnancy to continue my 6 small meals + controlled carbs. I’ve never had issues with GD in the past, but want to be super cautious.

I’ve started taking prenatals which feels kinda surreal. (My youngest child is 6.5years). I’m also charting to get an idea of my cycles before we do start to try. He will BE HERE on Dec. 15th (YAY!!) after over a year of being apart. It’s so wonderful to have THIS part of the immigration journey almost done. 

Yesterday I had my first desire for going out to dinner and having a cheat. I wanted sushi. Though, in hindsight, spending $$ on fast food/restaurants/treats is no longer appealing to me because I want to continue to be frugal. So instead of dinner, we simply browsed stores a bit longer and I bought my daughter a chicken sandwich at walmart. hehe. 

Hiking has been awesome, but plans were derailed due to my hiking buddy getting sick and horrible rain this week. We should be resuming it soon. 

So while my weight loss hasn’t been as fast on this diet as I’d hoped, it is going and I’m finding the diet to be doable. As of today I am down 10lbs for November. If I can do the same for December I’ll be VERY VERY HAPPY on New Years Day!! 

I stayed OP for Thanksgiving and had a salad with roasted turkey. It was delicious. 

Tomorrow is my week 6 weigh in.. Lost 4lbs for week 5!


I’m currently around 212.6  I’m happy with my progress, but still dealing with the issue of relosing the same regained over and over weight. And you know what? It’s good for me to have this slow progress out of the 200s so I’ll never do this to myself again. I’m mostly happy with how easy it has been to stay on plan. I’ve added in more walking/hiking and plan to do more next week too. Hiking truly makes me feel at peace and decreases my stress by a lot!

Wedding looks like it’ll be the 25th or 26th of January.. and hopefully my beloved will be here by next month. i can’t wait! He’s very supportive of my diet plan which helps!

Day 32 CW: 217 – Hit 10,000 steps yesterday!


I went for a great walk yesterday and hit over 10,000 steps on my FitBit. Having this on my wrist daily is a pretty good reminder to stay active. I also enjoy the feedback that i get from it. I’m not feeling as emotional as I was the other day. This plan has stopped me from binging and I am losing, even if slow. I’m not sure what adding in exercise will do, but I am ENJOYING the exercise so to heck with the scale for now. Whatever happens, happens. 

I went out this morning for a quick walk so I could add some steps to the fitbit. The standard walk & loop near my home is a 35 brisk walk. 

I also lusted after a pair of hiking boots. Lets hope business picks up so I can squirrel away some money towards them!! I bought three hiking books for my state and they should be here soon – they were inexpensive and I think it’ll be motivational. 

Three days from my period… (Wk 3 weigh in -1.8lbs) CW: 218.4


And I’m annoyed. The scale has steadily crept back up even with being ON PLAN. It’s just crazy to invest this amount of money/energy and lose a pound over the course of two weeks (I gained .5 last week). I have decided to give it ONE more month, but if I don’t lose 8lbs from it, I’m going to regroup and look at doing straight keto. 

I will be doing my measurements later on and I know those are better.. but man.. to only lose the first two weeks and then stall the next two weeks is a bit of a blow. I did add in walking but not nearly enough to account for a weight gain.

I get that it might be hormonal. I also didn’t sleep great last night, but I want to see the NUMBERS GO DOWN. I want to get out of the 200s. 

Day 27, 100% OP (CW: 217.4 – official weigh in on Friday)


The lunch with a friend went great. We had grilled tuna steak and greens. Yum. I’m happy to have friends that are awesome about my food news and, thankfully, it’s not *that* out of the box. My son wanted to go to Five Guys after a doc appt and while I could have worked that into my plan.. I offered a trip to Best Buy to see if we could find a bargain bin game. He was totally thrilled with that idea and it made life good for me too. Win/win!!

I bought a pair of size 16 US Polo jeans for $2.50. I loooove them. The shading makes me look slimmer and they’re snug, but not too snug to wear. I generally wear lots of skirts for work, but I am going to incorporate more pants because they’re better at keeping track of progress. 

I can’t fit into my other size 16 pants and the work pants I have are 18s. Friday I do my measurements.

I ordered a new scale. I decided against the fitbit aria due to $$ and the fact I want accuracy more than a wifi scale. :) I ordered the EatSmart brand that has 10K+ reviews on amazon. My scale is dying. It’s a cheaper Taylor scale and is giving me a 6-7lb range on weights taken right after each other.